Friday, November 14, 2008


So mom and dads visas aren't through yet... So we get to have a little more time together! I know they are sad and so am i cause they are ready to go and serve the lord! But i am happy i have a little more time to be with them and have a few more family dinners! :) We have been busy with work all week and cleaning house! Theres always soo much to do! I got to nanny some kids this week and they were soo cute! It was 4 kids during the day and then 8 kids after 3! I wont be having any kids anytime soon! lol... Y is away for the weekend camping and hunting with some friends! I miss him! I hope he will take some pics for me to blog about ! :)

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allison nadauld said...

You are always so cute with kids. Glad Yoho is back. I hate it when Aaron isn't home.