Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Fav

We love CSI Miami !! Its our favorite show! We have been watching it for like the last 2 weeks every night till 1 or 2 am! ha ha We love it!


allison nadauld said...

We love it too. I love how dramatic that red-headed guy speaks. We haven't seen it for a while, and I'm worried to start. It's super addicting.

One For All said...

Hi!!! Miss you tons. The boys are getting so big so fast. You should come and visit when you are in Cali, we'd love to meet your handsome hubby. :) Love you, charmela

The Wendler Family said...

we're doing really well. Miles has a cold so he's struggling a bit but nothing we can't handle. Today is Tim's last day of finals and the whole family can hardly wait! it will be so wonderful to have a break and spend quality time together. :) how are you and Yoho? Is the job situation better?