Thursday, March 5, 2009

** Cali Trip**

Last Friday we went on a little trip to California. We flew into San Diego Airport and Anna picked us up! It was SO warm there! Friday night Anna cooked a yummy dinner, we looked at old pics from when we were kids(they are SO funny)... and hung out!! Michael and a few of his friends came over and so did willy and doe... It was fun,we all talked and the boys played video games. The girls made Anna's famous Cake box cookies! They were sooo yummy! Try them... On sat Anna and i went to berry swirl!! yummy i loved it!! Thanks Anna! Then we went to the beach in Del Mar and hung out, while the boys surfed , we all had a blast! Sat night we picked Alec up from the airport and went to meet the fam at bj's restaurant in palmdale , ca ! We had a fun dinner with all the kids ! The only kid who was not able to come was Lana.... :( we missed her! We got to meet cute Natalia! She is SO Cute! She is only 7 weeks and so alert and holds her head up! I love to be with her... She's perfect! :) We stayed at Emily's apt. It's so cute and its her own little home. The blessing was so nice. Alec blessed her while all the boys were in the circle. We went to the Lancaster ward and it was nice to see old friends in that ward. There was a luncheon after which Andres cooked for and it was yummy! We all hung out and had a great time together! Charmela and her cute family came! We love them and are so happy we got to see you guys! :) They rest of the trip was just hanging out and baby changing and holding! We did do hair one night ! :) Natalia loves her uncle Yoho... He is SO great with her! Cant wait form our own! :) lol We had such a fun time! Emily is such a good little mom and loves Natalia so much! We love you guys and were so happy to visit our Cali Family!!

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Robin said...

How fun.... She is soo cute.