Thursday, April 9, 2009

Life ... Whats been going on Lately

This last week we have been so lucky to go on 2 sushi dates! One night we went with Sara, Marianna and us 2, Dani came to say hi when we were finishing up ! We went and ate at a place in Orem called Shoga! It was good, but kind of a tiny place, not much room! But i liked the food!! :) On Monday night Yoho and I went out with our marred friends Cameron and Camilla,We ate at Yamoto! This is our favorite sushi restaurant! We just love it, the service is great and so is the food! We got appetizers, about 11 rolls and they gave us a few items on the house! Sweet huh?! We had fun trying tons of different rolls and trying to put the whole roll in our mouths! lol We didn't even have to pay for dinner cause we got to go out on Apx for Y's recruiting dinner! :(

So we decided about a week ago that Y is going to go and to tech for Apx and i will be staying here in UT to work... We are so sad to be apart from each other for the whole summer! We will be making visits back and forth so that will be nice! They will be in Reno, NV for the first part and then moving on to Colorado maybe, depending on how the summer goes! He will be going on our friend Cameron's team so it will be nice that i know he is with a good group of guys! I will miss you babe!! The other day we took the day off and went to see fast and the furious 2 and it was sooo good! We loved it, we went shopping in slc and hung out all day together! We always have so much fun together! :)

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