Sunday, May 10, 2009

Road Trip

This last week Yoho and i took a little road trip! He is going to be in Georgia for the summer! So i went with him so he wouldn't be driving alone! It was our first road trip together! It was so fun, but very very long! It was 2,100 miles and about 33 hours of driving! I helped drive a little , but i let yoho do most of it! I was his entertainment! lol The trip took us 3 days and we drove about 12 hours a day and then slept in hotels and then continued on our journey!! :) On our second day we passed through Independence, Mo... So yoho said we should stop since i had never seen any of the church sites! I was excited!!! We went to the liberty jail and to the visitor center ! I learned so much about the church and it was such a great experience for yoho and i to have together! We want to go back and do a church history tour with our family! I cant wait in tell we get to do that! We finally arrived in Georgia on late Wednesday night! We passed through a ton of states, Colorado, Kansas, Tennessee and finally Georgia!! The drive was so pretty, green trees and water falls, lakes and rivers! I loved it! I so happy i got to have the chance to go with yoho! This will be a long summer! I miss you babe!


utmommy said...

We totally want to do a church history tour. We should do it together some time.

txmommy said...

how fun! I didn't know you did that!

I'm in for a family tour :)

I wish you and Yoho could be together this summer:( but I am glad I will be there to distract you a little!

Sara K said...

Looks like you two a had a good time! Road trips are fun!

Robin said...

Sounds like tons of fun. Are you staying in Gerogia with him the summer