Saturday, December 12, 2009

Apx Sub for Santa 2009

On Tuesday we went shopping for sub for Santa with the company that we work for! We got the opportunity to help others, which was great! We got to buy clothes,toys and books for the families!! It was soo fun! We had a huge group and we shopped all night! We didn't get home till 12 am!! Crazy!! On Wednesday After all that shopping for Sub for Santa it was time to wrap them up and then deliver them to the families. APX provided dinner and it was pizza! That's always nice!! I have never seen so many pizza boxes in my life.We had Huge red bags that were our Santa bags! We were supposed to put each family’s gifts in. We didn't have to wrap all the gifts individually and I thought we did! So that was nice!!We had presents for 900 kids with at least 5 gifts per kid that is some serious wrapping but luckily that was notthe case. After putting name tags on each gift we stuffed them in the bag and made sure we had the card from APX and the 50 dollar gift card to Wal-Mart for each family. We divided our team into two cars, Rob’s team and Brian’s team!! Then we were off to Give our Families there gifts and Spread Holiday Cheer!! I am soo happy we got the chance to help others and be apart of the APX sub for Santa! After we delivered the gifts we got some hot coco at Starbucks with the group! It was a fun night!! We got home around 12 am again!! :)

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What a great thing to do!