Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Correa

So we are due July 11, 2010! We are almost 15 weeks and i am soo tired and done with being pregnant! ha ha Here is a picture of our little one at 12 weeks! Check out the lips! lol We have an apt on feb 4 and i will be 18 weeks! So i think we will get to see what the baby is!! I think its a boy so we will have to wait and see!! :) What do you think we are having!???


utmommy said...

I don't care what it is! I just can't wait!! But, if I have to vote, I vote girl.

txmommy said...

hmmmm, looks like a boy to me! but it would be so cute to have a girl and then Tal and Tate and her can be best friends!

allison nadauld said...

YEAH!!! I vote boy. We all can't wait to see. I am still so sad that we missed your sealing. Hope you're feeling well.