Monday, January 25, 2010

My bfff is on her way to Guyana

On Feb 5 my best friend Sara will be on a new journey in her life! She applied to the peace core last year and her dreams came true Dec 09!! She will be serving in Guyana for 28 months! I have known Sara since kindergarten and have been BFFF's since then! She is a great friend to me!! She is really my sister and part of our family!! I am going to miss her soo much! She is such a great women and is going to have an awesome time!! I am so proud of her for making this life decision to help others and learn and grow within herself! You will do a great job Sara! I will miss you a lot and so will her new niece or nephew! I love you and good luck!!


utmommy said...

She will do a great job! We love Sara!

c.griffith said...

so cool! she will have an amazing time. ciara just got back from her service in the peace corps and it has totally changed the best way possible! love you guys!