Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Update 6months and 2 days

We had a dr apt yesterday and it went well, which was great! We got to see our little guy and he was moving around and opening his mouth and sucking his hand! It was so funny and fun to see! His heart beat is 147, nice and strong the Dr said! The Dr said he is growing like a Champ! That is nice to hear! I feel him every now and then, but i am soo busy i think i miss it a lot! I took some belly pictures and will put up one soon! I can't believe i am 6 months and 2 days! I have less then 3 months and i am soo excited! I havent loved being pregnant at all and i am so ready to just have my little guy here !!! The dr said i am growing right where i should be, sometimes i worry i am too big haha. But he said i am perfect! So thats nice to hear too. My belly is getting nice and big and i look full on pregnant. From behind no soo pregnant which is nice! lol I hope i just keep growing in the belly area!

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