Thursday, June 24, 2010

2 year ann date

I woke up to breakfast from my fav place ( Kneader's) , Roses and the cutest card ever!! Y and I spent the day just hanging out together doing errands, and going to slc! We went and watched the plane's and that was way cool! Then we went and met a friend for lunch and for dinner my surprise date to Y was to go to dinner at the Roof in SLC!! I was soo excited to take him there! Its on the top floor of the Joesph Smith building and it has a perfect view of SLC ! It over looks the SLC temple and is gorgeous! The food was a gourmet buffet dinner and dessert! It was yummy food, great music, a perfect view and i had the best company ever!! Happy 2and ann baby!! Here are some pic's!!

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utmommy said...

Happy Anniversary!!