Monday, June 21, 2010

2 Year's of Being Married to the Best Man!!

Today is Y's and my 2 year anniversary!! Yay Last year we weren't together, we were in separate states! But this year i got a surprise on wed this week and it was my handsome hubby home from work!! I was sooo happy! This morning i woke up to my favorite french toast breakfast, fruit and a card and roses!! It was soo nice! Now we have a whole day to spend together and i have a surprise for tonight! I will post pics later! I am sooo grateful to be married to such an amazing, smart, caring, hard working , handsome man! He seriously is amazing and perfect!! I love you and love being married! Happy 2 year's!


Lil' M said...

happy anaviseary sorry i dont know how 2 spell it i love you

Natalie said...

Happy Anniversary to an awesome couple. Love you both soooooo much.