Thursday, July 1, 2010

Prego Friends

This picture is at my Friend Kelli's baby shower. Bri the one in the middle is due in 3 days, Andrea on the left is due in 9 days and Kelli on the right is due in 30 days! So we will all have little ones in July! Kelli and Bri are having girls and I am having a boy! Soo fun!


utmommy said...

Cute picture! So fun to be prego at the same time. I can't wait to hold your little guy!

The Wendler Family said...

Pretty sure I already commented on this picture via facebook, but I will tell you again how cute it is. :)
I love pregnant pictures and how fun to have one with two other pregnant friends!
You are looking so good Andrea. Really. I can't believe you are so close to your due date! (Hopefully he decided not to make you go over you date.) You will be holding your sweet baby boy before you know it!

Dani and Chandler said...

good to see that youre still alive and kicking! can't wait to see pics of the little boy!

Robin said...

And a cute boy you did have,, we need pictures