Monday, August 16, 2010

Best Friends

Reg and I just got to talk to my oldest and best friend Sara! She is away in the peace core for the next 2 years!! good for her, i am soo proud of her. Oh how i miss her soo much! I am glad Reg got to meet her through skype! we miss her and love her! keep up the good work sara! Love you!


sara k said...

Thanks for this post :) It was great to talk and see you and Reg! Love ya!

utmommy said...

We all love Sara!!

Dani said...

sara's the best! :)
i love seeing your and raggie's pictures, he does look like you!
i never thought about your blood relatives before, that is pretty cool

Dani said...

raggie? sorry reg, i didnt mean it

Natalie said...

These pictures are so good.
I love Sara. Of course, I love you too.