Tuesday, September 14, 2010

At Grandma Correa's

So i have gone back to work at Paul Mitchell the school to see how it will be working! Let me tell you , being a MOm and working only 20 hours a week is way hard for me!! I am soo tired!! I don't know how i am going to work full time and be a full time Momma too! Lucky little Reg has been spending time with his Grandma Correa. He loves going there and playing. I am so happy he can play with Grandma for a while!! :) Thanks Grandma! Reg is getting big and Loves to smile and make little noises! Its soo cute! He smiled at me 6 times yesterday! It made my heart melt! I miss him when i am away at work! He loves playing on the little mats and kicking his legs! He is getting big fast!


Natalie said...

He is adorable. Soon he can play with his other grandma too. :)

utmommy said...

He can come play with his auntie too!!