Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Work Party

For my work party at APX they are taking us to a restaurant in SLC Utah. It's called La Caille!! I am soo excited. It's a very nice restaurant and a fancy one too , so we get to dress up! We are going next week! Thanks APX for a fun date! I will post pics after we go!! Here is some items from the menu!! We are excited for our 4 course menu!! :)

Escargots Bourguignons
French provençal snails broiled in
herbal butter and Burgundy sauce

Crab Cocktail
Ice cold Alaskan King Crab

Paté D' Jour
The finest French Paté selection served with onion, aioli
and toasted baguette

Shrimp Cocktail
The classic. Jumbo prawns served on ice

Alaskan King Crab Cakes
With roasted bell pepper and dijon sauce

Baked Onion Soup
Basque style onion soup broiled and
capped with a blend of French cheeses

The freshest available oysters on the half shell,
served with lemon and fresh-grated horseradish
(limited availability)

Lobster Bisque
Capped with mille-feuille and salted with caviar

Vegetable Napoleon
A Portabella Mushroom Capped with a Medley of Roasted Vegetables
in a Light Rosemary Cream Sauce


Tournedos Bearnaise*
Grilled Tenderloin Tips with a Rich Bearnaise Sauce

Caneton de la Saison*
Pan Roasted Eastern Duck, Served with
a Seasonal Fruit Cognac Sauce

Venison Rack*
Roasted Rack of Red Deer with a
Venison Cabernet Sauvignon Glacé.

Entrecôte Steak*
Center-Cut Ribeye Steak,
Char-Broiled & Served
with Scotch Peppercorn Sauce


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