Saturday, October 16, 2010

**Life Latley**

Life has been soo crazy lately! Yoho is gone for work so we are soo really busy! I am back at both jobs and being a Mommy too! I am lucky i have family to watch little Reg so i can work! We are having fun and Reg is getting soo big its crazy! I have a ton of cute pics from all the activities lately but yoho has the laptop, so they will come later! This is a pic of Waimea Bay in HI! That is where Yoho is! I Am sooo jealous! I love it there and wish we were with him! He is having fun but misses us a lot!


utmommy said...

He is super cute!

Lana said...

he went to HI without you!!!

Reg is so cute, he's going to be in college before I get to see him he's growing so fast :(