Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Morning 2010-Reggie's First Christmas

We had a great Christmas season! First , we had many chances to be able to serve others and it was great! We are soo blessed to be able to do that and see the happy out come! It felt so great !! I hope we can continue to serve others on a daily basis as Christ did! What a great example he is to us! :)
We are so grateful for a family, Christ , the church, my husband, Reggie, work and a home and much more!!
On Christmas Morning we woke up and all the gifts were there waiting! The babies and all of us ( Em, Mom,Dad,Yoho and I) Opened our stockings! I love stocking time! Then we handed out gifts! Talia got a Pink Barbie Jeep! So fun and she loves it and soo do we! We took her driving and it was fun!! Reggie got a ton a toys,clothes and big Boy bottles! :) He loved opening gifts and eating the wrapping paper! So cute! Kids make gifts more fun. It soo fun to shop for the gifts and see them love the things you picked! Later that day we went to the Correa's for Reggie to open his gifts and hangout. It was fun and he loved opening the gifts again ! We had Christmas dinner at Val's house , with the whole Arhets Family. It was fun and crazy....

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