Friday, May 27, 2011

Mothers day

For mothers day this year i spent the day with Yoho and Reggie! I was sick the whole morning. Then i started to feel better so we went to eat. We went to outback, which i love love it there! We all had fun! Great food and great company. Then we went home and spent time as a little family. I am sooooo glad that i am able to be a mother! What joy it brings to my life! :) As a gift, Yoho and Reggie gave me a massage and a day in Raleigh with my friend Jordan. It was soo fun! We drove to Durham first and went to a shopping mall, and went to eat at cheesecake factory! Then we drove to Raleigh and went to our massages! They were sooo awesome and we loved them! We did hour ones, and wished we have done 2 hour ones! lol Then we shopped for a while and i got a pedicure and Jord got her eyelashes done. It was a fun little trip! Thanks for a great Mothers day!

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