Wednesday, July 6, 2011

10- Favorite Winter activity

I Love the cold! I love that i live in Utah and that it snows a lot! :)
I have done the whole snowboarding thing. And i am not that good. I like it, but i don't think i have been taught very well. Yoho says he will teach me soon. So as far as my favorite winter activity goes, I will have to say hands down to sledding! I love love it!! I love to go to the places in the canyon, that you pay 25 bucks and sled all day. You get pulled up by a rope on your tube and sled down lanes! Its great! I can scream, go wild and laugh! I also love to go up to Park City, we shop and eat sushi and its a winter wonderland! I love it. I love to be cold, get a blanket and get warm. I love the hot coco. Its the BEST! Utah has the best snow on earth.

1- A favorite childhood memory with your siblings.
2- 15 things you adore about your spouse.
3- A regret you have from/about high school.
4- Your favorite person to be around.
5- Your most dreaded house chore.
6- Create your life soundtrack.
7- A deceased person you admire.
8- The best advice your dad ever gave you.
9- Your biggest fear.
10- Your favorite winter activity.
11- Something you feel you've improved in yourself and you're proud of.
12- A simple pleasure in life you could never live without.
13- Your favorite outfit that makes you feel good.
14- A favorite amusement park you've been to.
15- A pet peeve you could kill over.
16- Your most prized material possession.
17- The best quality your mother passed on to you.
18- Your favorite part of the Christmas holiday.
19- Your top 10 bucket list items.
20- Music you never get tired of no matter how much it's played.
21- Your idea of the perfect retirement.
22- The vacation of your dreams.
23- Your most exciting sports experience to date.
24- Your favorite summer activity.
25- Your most peaceful place to be.
26- Your favorite childhood game.
27- The most romantic movie & song of all time.
28- Your favorite scenic picture.
29- Your go-to pick-me-up.
30- A quality you admire/consider a strength in yourself.

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utmommy said...

We need to go sledding with you sometime. Maybe then I won't hate the snow so much!