Wednesday, July 13, 2011

17- The best quality your mother passed on to you - MY MOMMY!.

The best quality my Mommy passed on to me, is multiple qualities . :) She has taught me a lot over the years! I am lucky to have a great Mom like her! One major quality i love is that she has taught me how to be the person and Mother i am today. She has taught me to be patient,kind,loving,smart,and much more! My mom is one of my best friends and will always be. She is so fun and I love being with her. Thanks you for teaching me how to be a great Mother. I am able to be patient with Reggie and teach him. :) Which is so great! Being a mom is a hard thing, a lot harder then i though and take's a TON of time. But is totally worth it and such a special thing. So good job to you Mom for a being a great MOM to 8 of us!! Your great!


Natalie said...

Thanks my darling. I appreciate your comments so much. It means a lot to me. Love you.

utmommy said...

She is pretty great!