Monday, July 4, 2011

8- The best advice your dad ever gave you- MY DAD

The best advice from my dad that i have ever received was to serve others. When i was little my dad would make sure he was taking Emily and I everywhere with him to serve others. We would complain a little, and sometimes we would get a reward if we did a great job, an ice cream or a 50 cent hamburger. He would take us to the church farm to pick fruit bright and early on Saturday mornings. It was about 45 mins away, so we had to go early around 6 am. It was hot too!! We would do that for all the seasons. We had fun and worked hard. We would go and weed elderly peoples yards in our ward ( That was the worst) lol. We also would go to the homeless shelter and serve dinners. We were worried at first, but grew to like it. I realized what a blessing it was to see how lucky we are to have the food and homes we do!! We had tons of other little things he would have us do too. My Dad has always taught me to serve others. Its the Christ like thing to do. Treat others the way you want to be treated. My dad is always nice to everyone. Never says a bad thing about anyone! I wish i was more like him. Another thing he does is help homeless people on the street. He may buy them a sandwich, or get them a few groceries or give a few dollars to them. He says its not our job to judge them. Just help a little if we can. I always want to help by giving them a little and many people always say , why do you do that?? They can get a job or they probably aren't even homeless. I say i know, but that is not for me to JUDGE! I just want to help. That's what my dad would do and Christ. My Dad is a very wise man! He has taught me many many things. He has taught me how to be a hard worker. I think that's another thing from him i do well. Jobs are not easy to get, so when you have them. Do them well! Thanks for teaching me great things Dad! Your a great man and i hope i can be more like you and teach my kids as you did with us! Love you!

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