Tuesday, July 5, 2011

9- Your biggest fear

My biggest fear is SOOOO Spiders. I know a lot of people say that. But i really hate them! I have had to learn how to kill them lately, since i am a Mom. I dont want them to get Reggie. So i am brave and kill them and flush them! I have dreams about 2 times a year about spiders. I guess i freak out, cry and freak out more. Yoho says he has to tell me he killed them for me to even get back into my bed. I am doing this all while a sleep. Which is funny, but sad. So there you have it My biggest FEAR, SPIDERS!! They are soo freaking sick! Oh BTW funny story! The other day i got out of the shower and put my towel on my head and a freaking spider was on it and on my head. I was screaming and freaking out. It finally fell off me and i killed it. Done and Done! Yoho was like what the heck. Its small, your are fine! I was so scared! haha

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