Friday, September 9, 2011

Busy!! --- Correa Family Update!

We have been sooo busy since we have been home. It has been soo much fun! We have been camping with the Correa family and that was loads of fun! We brought Sierra with us and it was nice to have her! :) We have been swimming trying to catch the last part of summer with the babies. They love the water. Hanging with the family both sides. I have started couponing with my friend and i am enjoying it. But it is a lot of work! We have been enjoying new baby JaKob. He is soo cute! Cute Talia of course and Reggie. They love to play . I am glad we are back! We have bee on walks and little adventures. Birthday parties for family members and fun with our friends Dani and Michael. I missed Dani a lot this summer. Its nice to be home with her. Its been fun having Emily home with me . :) I am back at work now at VIVINT. I enjoy it and i am busy! I work early, so i am home to be with Reggie. Yoho will be starting school in Jan. :) He is working on Referrals and much more ideas and also watching Reggie. He is such a good Daddy! Our family from Brazil is coming in a week! That will be sooo fun. Yay We will be having a Utah birthday party for Reggie on the 30th! :) Reggie is getting 8 new teeth!! He is still soo happy! We are lucky... He is also walking all over... So fun!! That's a small update of our lives!!

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