Thursday, March 8, 2012

26th Birthday- Vegas

For my 26th birthday Diogo took me to Vegas for a getaway! We left Reggie with Diogo's parents. I was sad to leave. But he did great! They said he didn't miss us at all. lol We met my BFF Taryn and Jeoff there in Vegas and Sierra came too and hung out with us a little. Her friends were there too, so she hung out with them too. We stayed at the Luxor hotel. Out room was very nice and i enjoyed out nice big bed. It was soo fun! We went to the best buffet called the Wicked Spoon! It is in the new hotel called the Cosmopolitan. It was soo yummy and i loved it!! We walked for hours, went shopping, went to the wax museum, had treats, went out to eat and went on a romantic gondola ride in the ventian hotel which was so amazing. I loved it and so did Taryn. We also went to the outlets and shopped for hours! :) We all got some new fun stuff! We went and gambled a little. It was fun! We stayed out late and were tired! We went to the M&M factory and the coke one too! Sierra had never been to Vegas. So it was fun to show her around a little. We went to the new store called the sugar factory! It was cute and had a lot of pink stuff. So i loved it. It was a great trip and birthday!! Here are some pics! I missed Reggie a lot. He is such a good baby. Next time he is coming with! :)
I was so glad that we got to see our friends. They live in Cali. We try and do well with visits, but life gets busy! All is all it was a blast! We love VEGAS!

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