Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New home- Changes

Yoho got a new job so Arizona will be our new home. He is a District sales manager for a company called Elliot management. He has been in the training program for a few weeks and has been working for them for about 7 weeks now. He enjoys it. He will be working full time and wont ever have to be away ( like summer sales) :) So we off we go. We will be leaving to AZ around the 14th of October. I feel excited. But also nervous. We have some friends out there. No family on either side. Its 10 and half hours away from Utah. So not too far... Its hot. I love the cold. I will adjust. Its a huge desert. I know Utah is a desert... But it doesn't look like it. Lets just say i will miss Utah and family. But we will have a fun new adventure ahead of us in AZ. I know yoho will do a great job and we are happy to support him! :) Here's to new adventures!

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