Thursday, February 14, 2013

A few baby updates

Baby Boy Correa will be here around June 24th or the 25th! Baby is doing good. Mom is doing OK. I am tired and have been some Kidney stones again! Lets hope it doesn't keep happening. I am not liking my Drs here and its not a nice feeling. I am trying to find another dr to go to . So we will see how that goes. We had a fast and prayers for the baby and myself. Thank you for all of prayers and fasting. We are really thankful for that! We cant wait for our new little addition. **Baby Boy Correa is growing a lot faster this time! I guess your body just knows how to get huge the 2nd time around! I am craving all kinds of foods too! Basically anything that is sweet, breakfast items (Eggo's and bfast burritos and lots of in and out cheeseburgers!) Not the healthiest items. With Reggie all i wanted was fruit and mac and cheese! So i do have to be careful with my cravings! I havent had too much morning sickness with this little guy. I was way sicker with Reggie. So i am thankful for that! I will start do a belly diary and posting it!

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