Saturday, August 10, 2013

Noah's Birth Story

I had a scheduled c-section with Baby Noah. So around 4 am i woke up to get ready to go to the hospital.
We had to be there at 515. So off we left to the hospital, Mom called on the way so we chatted for a minute. I was sad my parents couldn't be with me. We arrived at the hospital in Gilbert and they checked us in. The nurses hooked me all up and then they asked me some questions. Then said just relax till your dr gets here and then you will go back to the OR. It was only 6 am and my surgery wasn't till 730. So we just hungout,watched T.V. and chatted.It was crazy. The little baby in my belly was going to be here very soon. I was soon going to have 2 baby boys. I was nervous. But my dr was very experienced and awesome so i just had to tell myself it would all be ok.... They soon gave Yoho his little daddy outfit for the OR. So he put that on and we took some last pictures of this pregnancy journey. Then my dr came in and chatted for a minute with us and so did my anesthesiologist. She was a older lady like 65. I was a little worried. But she was a great! She was giving me all the info i needed plus more... I think that made me even more nervous. Then they said ok. Lets get you up and take you back. So we all walked back to the OR. I said see you soon to Yoho. The room was soo cold. You see all the instruments on the table and all the diffrent stuff that is in a OR and you wish you were already drugged before you got in there. haha. They had me sit down so they could start my spinal. I had not had one before. My anesthesiologist informed me that it would feel like a ton of bricks on my chest and like i couldnt breathe especially cause i am small she said. She said if you can talk you can breathe , so dont freak out. They did my spinal and sure enough i felt all the things she was saying. Then they moved me to another table. I was freaking out inside forsure. But i knew i was in good hands. Then my dr came in and they started putting everything in place to get started. My anesthesiologist talked to me the whole time just to keep me calm , so that was great. Then they started cutting. Then Yoho came in and sat by me. He is a instant comfort to me. I am lucky to have such a great husband.Within 5 mins or so. I hear them say here he comes. Theres a lot of dark hair!There was so much pressure. Its crazy!  Then they pulled out our new little perfect baby. I felt so relieved once he was out. I started crying. I was happy he was ok, i was happy he was here. I couldnt believe it. I was so thankful. They brought him over right away. He was perfect. Then they took him to clean him up more and Yoho got to go with him. I was anxious sitting on the table. I wanted them to hurry and close me up so i could go see my new baby. It took a little while and then soon we were all in recovery together. It was cool cause i got to watch them give Noah a bath and all that fun stuff. While my nurse was still checking me and asking me stuff. He had sooooo much hair. A full head of Jet Black hair. It was crazy. He was a little brownie and looked just like me. I was excited. He was a chubby one too! He weighed 7.10 lbs and was 19 inches long. We stayed in recovery for about 3 hours then they took us to our room. We rested for a little while. Then Anna brought all the boys over. She came to watch Reggie for me. She was a lifesaver. Best sister ever! Reggie came and was so happy to see us! He was excited to see the baby too. He gave him a kiss and was so nice. Our new family of 4 was perfect! So all in all my dr was fablous and my surgery was good too ! If you have a baby in the Gilbert AZ area- go to Dr. Huish! Here are some pictures! More stories and pictures to follow!

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