Monday, August 4, 2008

Hey hey val taught me how to put pics on! sweet!! now i can become a real blogger like all my sisters! haha I will start taking pics all the time! So we are moved into our cute little townhouse!! :) we love it! Now we need to finish unpacking and get furiniture!! Super fun!! Ps This is me and my cute hubby i just love him!!


utmommy said...

Yeah for posting pictures! You guys are cute!

B&B said...

Fudge! I finally found you! Yay for a new place for you and YOHO!!!

Jess & Bud said...

Yay! Welcome to the blogging world haha now the addiction begins! :) I miss you!! You look so gorgeous in your wedding pics..I love your flowers! You and your hubby are so cute together! Congrats!! We all need to get together again when I come back to Utah. Ill be back in about 2 weeks!