Friday, August 15, 2008

** SlEeP OvEr **

Good morning!! So yesterday night we had a little sleepover! Yoho has been babysitting his brother and he took all the boys(m,t and s) swimming yesterday... Some how they found out little brother has been styaing at our house! haha So they wanted to have a sleepover! So yoho said sure!! We are the coolest aunt and uncle ever?! So the whole group picked me up from work at about 8PM and our sleepover began! :) We went to the store for a few items.... thats always fun with 5 kids! haha Cooked dinner.... Kenz was our little helper! Ate like a picnic, cause we dont have a table yet! lol Watched a movie,played and had treats!! Now i am getting ready for work and all the kids are sound asleep, including yoho! He gets to play with them this morning!! They just love there new uncle and he loves them!! :) We love our little babies!

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