Monday, December 14, 2009

What a Blessing

On friday Yoho and I were able to go though Provo temple!! Yoho had his Dad be his Escort and Valra was mine. It was a very nice experiance and we will be blessed for doing this. I am so happy Yoho and I could do this together! It was nice to have our friends and family with us! Thank you to all of you that came! It meant a lot to both of us! We look forward to going back to the Temple monthly! I know this is a blessing in our lives and will help us live with our Heavenly Father again!! We will be getting sealed friday in the Salt Lake City Temple and we cant wait!! yay!!


Natalie said...

Congratulations! I am soooo happy that you went. You are doing the right thing and that is so wonderful. Love you.

Chandler and Dani said...

That makes me so happy. I hope that it was wonderful and I know that this Friday will be even more wonderful! Congrats!

utmommy said...

We were so glad to be there!