Thursday, June 30, 2011

4- Your favorite person to be around

Well, that's a hard one ! My favorite people to be around is Yoho and Reggie. duh! But i also love to be around this little girl named Natalia. She has taught me a lot since she has lived with us! I feel like she helped me learn patience more, to be calm, and i learned how to be Pr-ego, work and babysit her and i loved it. She would always rub my belly and say Baby! Now her and Reggie are BFS! She has been such a blessing to my life. She is so special, She is smart, funny, smiles, loves to laugh and has a great laugh. Loves to play outside and , much more. She loves going to nursery and singing songs with us! I think of her as my own child. I am really wishing i was around her now. We haven't seen her since April and i am missing her a lot. She is so fun and love her in my life and i love to be around her! Even when she is a PILL! :)

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