Wednesday, June 29, 2011

3- A regret you have from/about high school

I had a lot of fun in high school!! I was always doing something fun with my friends! But i do have some regrets, one of them is that i never did cheer-leading. I always went to half the try-outs and then got scared and left. I should of went and given it my all and became a cheerleader and had fun with it. I also regret not staying close to some of my really close friends i had. I am still friends with them, just not best friends like i used to be! Sad at times! But in life you grow and learn new things. Life puts everyone on different paths. I do have about 3 girl friends that i am still close with and i love it! Taryn,Sara,Amanda - Thanks for being you! I love you girls and i am glad your in my life! We always have fun and talk whenever we can. :)

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Sara said...

Cute post! Sometimes I really miss high school! It was a lot of fun and YES you should have done cheer-leading!! Miss you!