Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 2-15 things you adore about your spouse

2- 15 things you adore about your spouse.

1. My Best friend
2. Tall, Dark and HANDSOME!
3. Funny and can make me laugh and makes Reg laugh all the time
4. Soo fun-- We always have fun!
5. SMILE!! ITS perfect and i LOVE IT!
6. Is the BEST dad EVER
7. Best Husband
8. Loves me and Reggie A LOT!!
9. Hard worker- He works all day knocking doors! Not too fun and not everyone can do it. I am thankful he is a hard worker and stays positive!
10. He loves dark chocolate Strawberries :)
11. Great teacher
12. A worthy priesthood holder- so we can have blessings in our home
13. Very Smart- street smart, book smart and all smart.
14. Loves that he cuddles me
15. Loves the scriptures- he is so smart and loves to read them. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to scriptures.

There are many more things i adore about Yoho ! But i will just do 15 for now!! :)

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