Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas Eve Asparagus Soup

In the Correa family every Christmas Eve my mother inlaw makes asparagus soup! It is amazing!! It's a tradition from her family. This year we didn't have it on Christmas Eve. So I made it on New Year's Day for a family dinner with the Arhets family and Correas! It was my first time making it. I was so nervous. But it was amazing!!! Even my mother in law approved. It was a great night with amazing food and fun!! I will continue to make this every year and pass this tradition on to my children !! Xoxo 

Correa- (Foz) family Asparagus soup
Christmas Eve tradition 

2 stocks of fresh asparagus 
4 cans of chopped asparagus 
6 cups of chicken broth - I used water and chicken bullion cubes. 
1 onion chopped 
1/2 stick of butter 
4 cups whipping cream 
Salt/pepper to taste.

Wash and chop up fresh asparagus . Set aside in a bowl. 
Cut off asparagus heads and set aside. - sauté after with sea salt and pepper. 
Chop onion. 
Take chopped asparagus pieces, (not the heads) chopped up onion and butter and sauté in pan. About 10 mins. 
Put chicken broth to cook. Add onions and asparagus after done. Add 3 cans of asparagus . Put lid on and let cook for about 15/20 mins. 
Take off stove and use Emerson blender . Blend all up . Put back on stove. On 4/3. 
Taste-- add more water, whipping cream, salt/pepper if needed. 
Add last can of asparagus and asparagus heads. Let it simmer on low till warm.
 Add more asparagus heads to garnish . 
Serve with rolls. Enjoy!!
Xoxo Andrea

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