Saturday, January 30, 2016

DIY Valentines wreath

I have loved making crafts this last year. Its my go to therapy thing lately. It's so fun to make holiday crafts to add to your decorations. I made this cute valentines wreath this last week. I found all of my supplies at Joanne's fabric. That store is amazing. I love it. 
I loved making this wreath!! I thought it was super easy and very affordable. Win win! 
What is needed:

1 hay wreath. Keep it wrapped.
2 packs of precut banner triangles or you can make your own. 
2 packs of alphabet stickers 
2 rolls of valentines wire ribbon to wrap around wreath.
1 ribbon to use for hanging. 
Ribbon or string for banner 
Glue gun / glue sticks
A bunch of flowers 


1-- wrap wreath with your favorite holiday ribbon. I would put a drop of hot glue every now and then as I wrapped. That way it secured my ribbon.
Wrap until completed.
2-- string banner.
3-- hot glue flowers however you like.
4-- put banner on with a little hot glue.
5-- add extra ribbon for hanging. 
DONE! You have a cute new wreath! 

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